Waterman Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

Tall Flex Pen 1339 Waterman 552 1/2.14k SOLID gold filigree overlay $600 High Flex
Overall Grade: Fine Trim: the filigree cylinder is quite clean. the dome (top) features one ding.
Nib condition: Excellent : Perfect cap threads. HR: light oxidation Simply click if link is hot, for more information
Point: Fine-medium smooth high flex Imprint: Good Size: 5 3/8" PRICE: $600
REVIEWS: Collecting the overlay designs from LE Waterman poses a daunting task to hobbyists. Numerous sizes, overlay products, patterns- not forgetting evolution of core pen - have provided us one heckuva great deal to evaluate. For period beginning in 1917, lever completing pens generally speaking had been labelled included in the fifties show (or 5x). Overlays had been produced in gold-filled, silver, and solid-gold. Utilising the 52 1/2 (slender full-length) pen as basis, the 0552 1/2 markings gold-filled, 452 1/2 suggests gold, and 552 1/2 designates the lofty solid-gold design. Whenever created, the expense of the pen rose as you progressed from Silver to Gold-Filled to Solid Gold. These days, the silver overlay outvalues gold-filled because silver and solid-gold don't brass, whilst gold-filled will show base metal when worn. Solid-gold, though, cost a lot more than the other two overlays now is located less often. A neat pen.

This pen is marked in four places as 14k- the limit overlay, the barrel overlay, the lever (on inside) and the video. The overlay is quite clean save the top dome has one wide but low ding (as if pen had been tapped on its head). The HR shows light oxidation. The 552 1/2 imprint is sharp on butt of pen in addition to imprint nearby the bottom of pen is detailed with some wear showing. Ron Zorn dropped a sac involved with it a week ago and it's also a darn good journalist with rather flexible nib. A sweet Waterman.

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