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Jinhao X450ROccasionally I just love becoming incorrect. So much so, I'll happily admit it in public places.

After my post 2-3 weeks ago on Esterbrooks, Mak, a friend of mine in Hong Kong wrote to tell me that there had been a lot of quality water feature pencils however selling new beneath the $20 level. Today, considering that record cost of the Lamy Safari is $30 USD while the inexpensive but highly-regarded Waterman Phileas is $60 USD (though they could often be located for around $20 and $30 without converters), I was hard-pressed to consider an individual instance. Even in the eBay "roll the dice, take your opportunities" game of slugging through remnants of property sales, it really is difficult to get something that isn't scratchy, leaking, sac-less, unsightly or simply just plain damaged. I indicated my skepticism, but my friend obviously lives in very a different sort of world, one where discounted prices tend to be more common compared to the far north of Canada. The next matter we understood, Mak had acquired a little ten dollars gift in my situation and delivered it on a journey half-way all over the world.

While we waited for this, i really couldn't assist but keep in mind certainly one of my first water feature pens. While that "Asia Wood Stunning Pen" cost about $8, the vendor insisted that including a few no-name ink cartridges bumped the shipping price from $10 to $22. With regards to finally arrived, the cheap cap won't fit snug, the nib ended up being misaligned and scratchy, the "jewel" atop ended up being a dollop of hot glue, as well as the splinters skirting every part delivered me personally operating for tweezers. Directly into the junk cabinet it moved.

But, oh, ended up being this 1 a pleasing surprise.

It really is nearly impossible locate information about the maker of my brand new pen, nevertheless the Jinhao web page gives an idea regarding its origins: "Jinhao is created in Asia and a comparatively brand-new company begun by a previous staff member of a significant pen producer." It came in a simple small unostentatious red cardboard box, nevertheless pen it self ended up being rather gorgeous, and far more than the things I anticipated.

The "Flaming Red" Jinhao X450R (or X480R - the hand-written sticker was not specific) is a full-size, weighty pen. Its interior material barrel is included in just what is apparently a three-layer lacquered effect comprising inside levels of deep purple and amorphous black forms, with an outer layer of refined fantastic daubs, all building into breathtaking translucent strata which catches and reflects the light. (Forgive my bad photo, but great light is lacking here this time around of year.) A reasonably wide gold-plated musical organization sporting a sophisticated scripted "Jinhao" rims the cap, and smaller gold rings close to the top and bottom of pen are punctuated with polished rounded black colored recommendations. A gracefully curved two-tone video sets off the bands and seems quite solid and well-constructed.

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