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Waterman Ink colors

Waterman Mysterious Blue Ink is a mainstay and well-known each and every day Waterman fountain pen ink shade. Waterman defines this color as blue-black, that will be true to some degree. However, Waterman Mysterious Blue ink the truth is is a lighter blue black or blue-gray color this is certainly very pleasing. The gray coloring within dark blue fountain pen ink produces a muted blue shade in the place of an exciting blue shade. Waterman Mysterious Blue ink is known for its good lubrication and is effective with many water feature pens. Waterman, appears to focus on blue inks, as mystical Blue is simply one of 4 blue ink colors they create, (Mysterious Blue, Inspired Blue, Serenity Blue, Blue Obsession) where Waterman only holds one ink variation when you look at the other colors it creates. Waterman inks are stated in France consequently they are well respected by pen enthusiasts around the world. Pen Chalet is a proud authorized merchant of Waterman ink and pen products.

Waterman Mysterious Blue Ink

Please be aware some attributes we found when working with Waterman Mysterious Blue ink:

Testing Elements

We utilized a glass plunge pen made by J. Herbin with Rhodia paper (Block N. 18), which will be ideal for fountain pen and container ink usage.

Bottle Sizes

Waterman Mysterious Blue ink will come in a multi faceted 50-ml. ink bottle. The nine-sided ink container is quite special to Waterman inks and permits the consumer to grasp each staying fall of ink.


This imported French ink is a tremendously inexpensive $11.00 for 50 ml., that makes it feasible to get several bottles of the various colors of ink.

Dry Time

Making use of a glass plunge pen (which will be much like an extra good nib) and Rhodia paper, the dry time is a very good 4-5 seconds. Not instant drying ink, but really useful for daily use.

Bleed Through

Waterman Mysterious Blue ink creates no bleed through after all while using the J. Herbin cup plunge pen. Additionally, making use of the cotton fiber swab failed to show any bleeding of ink through paper, that will be a wonderful feature with this ink.


We didn’t experience any feathering utilizing this ink on Rhodia paper together with extra fine kind nib. But whenever liquid was put throughout the dried ink, substantial feathering performed appear.

Water Test

Working a damp cotton swab over ink examples after waiting 3 minutes to dry created substantial feathering, smudging and smearing. Therefore, Waterman Mysterious Blue ink is certainly not considered waterproof or water resistant.


Waterman Mysterious Blue ink produced extremely clean outlines with a few shading obvious. The wider the nib the more apparent the shading will end up.

Summary towards Waterman Mysterious Blue ink

We love this Waterman ink. It’s outstanding blue – black colored color, however unlike various other blue-black inks with an increase of grey properties. Wonderful worth for brought in ink, with a large dimensions 50ml bottle, where lots of other brought in inks for an identical expense are merely 30 ml.

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