Sheaffer Mechanical Pencil

Sheaffer Mechanical Pencil

Sheaffer 100 SeriesAvailable in a number of lacquered colours which include some bright contemporary colors, as well as the more conventional blacks and blue, the Sheaffer 100 will appeal to numerous. This classic design features nickel plated trim and grip part to comparison aided by the lacquered barrel.

Available as water feature pen, rollerball, and baseball pen, as well as as a ball pen/ technical pen set.

19, 87 €

The chrome Sheaffer 100 is available as a water feature pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen, and in addition as a set of a ballpoint pen and technical pen.

Completed in brushed chrome, a clear lacquer in red or blue and a glossy black. All pens feature a brushed chrome limit and nickel-plated trim.

16, 07 € - 31, 68 €

A chunkier pen of all-metal construction for all those looking a weightier writing tool. The Sheaffer 300 show is available in gloss black colored lacquer with either chrome or gold tone trim.

29, 86 € - 58, 83 €

Essentially the same pen as the 300, the Sheaffer 300 Chrome comes in glossy black lacquer and functions a chrome limit with sprung articulated pocket clip.

Sheaffer 300 Show29, 86 € - 42, 54 €

The modern cylindrical model of the Sheaffer Intensity along with its flattened ends leads to a sleek clean design. The strength is available in an appealing variety of finishes which include gloss black colored with chrome trim, white with guilloche chrome cap and all chrome.

33, 20 € - 54, 25 €

Finished in shiny carbon fibre, Sheaffer's Intensity includes either carbon fiber barrel and cap, or with a carbon fibre barrel and contrasting chrome limit.

Available as fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint.

33, 21 € - 54, 25 €

Featuring chrome linear stripes infilled with a glossy-black lacquer.

The striped Intensity can be acquired as either fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint.

54, 25 €

The wide profile barrel and iconic Sheaffer styling put the Legacy Heritage apart from the group. The number is available in four unique deluxe finishes using silver, palladium and black lacquer plus four modes: water fountain pen, rollerball and ball pen.

Sheaffer Intensity PensThe fountain pen makes use of the exclusive and instantly recognisable Sheaffer inlaid 18K silver nib.

203, 65 € - 311, 13 €

The impressive Legacy Heritage Barleycorn from Sheaffer possess all those design functions that a Sheaffer connoisseur is seeking. The solid silver barrel and cap each have the interrupted barleycorn design and readily available with either 22K gold plate or palladium trim.

The fountain pen comes with the iconic and unique Sheaffer inlaid 18K silver nib set in a classic gloss black hold section. Each piece comes in an extra black colored lacquered wood presentation instance.

330, 93 € - 381, 84 €

An elegant design, the Sheaffer Prelude is a perfect pen for all searching for a classic mid-priced pen. Obtainable in all four settings in five various finishes with either silver or nickel trim, the Prelude offers an extensive selection of options.

Sheaffer Sentinel Ballpoint pencils and Pencils34, 79 € - 81, 40 €

A smaller sized version of the Prelude basketball pen, the Sheaffer Prelude Mini maintains the exact same conventional cigar shaped barrel with-it's comfortable experience and balance. The Prelude Mini ball pen will come in six various finishes.

44, 07 €

The top the Prelude show, the Sheaffer Prelude Signature features a choice of four various metallic finishes, each along with it's very own person design delicately etched from the barrel and cap. The Signature keeps the standard cigar form and polished black colored grip element of the Prelude range, ensuring a comfy, well balanced pen.

152, 74 € - 158, 39 €

This Sagaris is sold with chrome trim plus a selection of elegant finishes. It really is readily available as fountain pen and rollerball pen, each with a traditional gloss black grip area and a push-fit limit. The thin baseball pen has actually a twist-action device.

Sheaffer VFP Ballpoint pencils and Pencils Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pens Sheaffer Calligraphy Mini system Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi System

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