Sheaffer Intensity Fountain

Sheaffer Intensity Fountain Pen

Sheaffer Intensity looking prettywe only purchased the Sheaffer Intensity because it had been being offered. It ended up being those types of beautiful occasions when a pen surpasses your expectations. But don’t jump to get one just yet.

Cost: around £50 (appears to be difficult to find this particular version anywhere but Amazon or e-bay); nevertheless I paid £13
Nib choices: good, moderate, broad
Barrel options: striped (that one), simple (called medici) or fluted; in addition an even more expensive carbon fibre variation
Completing system: proprietary Sheaffer cartridge/converter
Size: 13.7cm capped; 16.0cm posted; 1.1cm diameter

The Sheaffer Intensity is a steel pen. From fat from it I’d guess it is brass inside nevertheless trim is chrome and the structure is chrome and a black lacquer. This implies the pen has a reassuring body weight to it without having to be tiring for long stretches.

The limit, which screws shut, does post (with a push) but publishing completely unbalances the pen and makes it basically unusable. Never post this pen. Fortunately its an excellent comfortable size unposted.

Sheaffer Intensity postedThe clip is fairly strong and clippy and it has the Sheaffer white dot about it.

The section is shiny chrome and can offer a forensic record of every time your disposal have actually handled it. it is subtly contoured and comfortable to put on. For those who have difficulties with metal areas being too slippery the form might help you but is probably too gentle in order to make much difference. When I don’t as a whole have problems with steel grips we can’t make any assertions about any of it one way or another.

The Intensity utilizes Sheaffer’s very own cartridges/converter. My pen was included with a converter, that is about a standard dimensions and contains worked perfectly really to date.

I prefer the way this pen seems. The stripes are very different additionally the lacquer/chrome combo seems great. Having said that, I don’t understand why, in the limit, one stripe is doubly broad as all of the others. It just seems incorrect. (The stripes regarding cap don’t match the ones on body so it’s not as if it is an attempt to line them all up. I simply don’t have it.)

Sheaffer Intensity limit and videoThe metal nib is quite basic in just Sheaffer and ‘B’ stamped on it. Visually I don’t mind the user friendliness nonetheless it’s very short plus it seems quite strange. it is a lovely nib written down, simply some feedback (that I like) and good circulation. Wide nibs can occasionally offer feeds a difficult time keeping in mind up (evaluating you, Kaweco) but this 1 is great.

I truly enjoy particularly this pen. It seems great in the hand and it has a nib. The style is significantly diffent and well done, with the exception of the oddity of this two fold width stripe in the cap. However, we paid £13 for this. For that, i obtained a bargain. For twice that, that is an excellent pen. For £50, however, I’d be getting to be more troubled because of the odd stripe in the cap, the utmost effective heaviness regarding the posted pen and short nib. Whenever you can find this pen on offer, I’d state it's really worth a look. At full price, you need to maybe view a Faber-Castell, a Kaweco or a TWSBI instead.


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Sheaffer Intensity undone Sheaffer Intensity capped Sheaffer Intensity nib and section Sheaffer Intensity handwritten review

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