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Sheaffer 440

DSCN4456.JPGWhenever I rekindled my passion for fountain pencils, I began by buying every example I could get a hold of of pencils I already knew about. I pounced on some No Nonsense pens, scooped up Esterbrooks, and learned (to my surprise) that Sheaffer college pencils were no more in manufacturing, and harder ahead by than We expected. I bought a dozen or so, whenever i possibly could obtain all of them for a plausible cost.

Given that i have discovered other pens to love (in addition), it's time for me personally to deacquisition nearly all of my school pens.

Each one is prone to have dots of corrosion in the cap, on the section, and the friction band (photos reveal this clearly). I've dipped these, but not installed any cartridges; dip-testing shows all to create, using opaque green and clear red pens providing the smoothest, wettest outlines associated with group. Prices for these seem to jump around, based just how many were offered just how recently, and who is going into the marketplace. We'll offer these at ten dollars each with CONUS shipping. Paypal preferred.

DSCN4457.JPGFirst PM with a strong "I'll buy it" can get the pen. I'll show pencils on hold, and level from the ones that have offered as soon as We receive repayment.

SOLD! - initially, Sheaffer with a clear red human anatomy, with curved ends. The nib is marked "M, " but the line had been indistinguishable through the range compiled by the "F" opaque green below.

Second, a Sheaffer with an opaque black colored body, because of the flattened-conical finishes. This pen with an "F" nib had written with a superb range.

Third, a Sheaffer with a translucent green body, conical stops (those are water droplets visible in the human body; it had not quite dry out once I shot the image). The "F" nib writes with a dry, good range, with a leetle little tooth.

DSCN4458.JPGSOLD! 4th, a Sheaffer with an opaque dark green human body and seriously level stops. This "F" nib had written with an attractive smooth, wet line.

Finally, a Scripto with tapered rounded stops, dark blue-gray body. I do not believe it is simple to get cartridges with this pen; I would advise experimenting with it as an eyedropper. It writes with an excellent, dried out range, and a small issue because of the nib causes definite toothiness.

In the event that you encourage me by purchasing these pens, I'll probably purchase more pens further across the system; then I'll need sell even more, therefore it is in your interest to guide my pen routine. Thanks for some time and attention!

Currently inked: Targa, fluted gold / Pelikan M400 / Parker 45 (metallic &Olive) / Sheaffer 440 Blue


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