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Platinum 3776 Fountain Pen Review

PLatinum 3776 CenturyMaterial: Resin
Nib: 14k Gold, Moderate
Appointments: Gold-plated
Filling System: Converter/Cartridge (Platinum Proprietary)
Length (Capped): 138mm
Length (Uncapped): 119mm
Length (published): 154mm
Section Diameter: 10.5mm
Barrel Maximum Diameter: 13mm
Cap Max Diameter: 15.4mm
Body weight, Capped (with ink and/or converter): 24g
Weight, Uncapped (with ink and/or converter): 14g

One of several things we most enjoy about being therefore younger when you look at the water fountain pen pastime usually almost every pen onto that I put my hands is an unidentified amount. It is sometimes the first time We have ever tried that specific pen for the reason that particular configuration. Other times, this is the first-time i've had the chance to attempt a pen from that particular producer.

The latter is the case using this pen: a Platinum 3776 Century in Chartres Blue. Not merely have I never ever attempted any of the 3776 pens before, but We have never ever had possibility to utilize a Platinum pen before both.

The Platinum 3776 Century is a comparatively unremarkable-looking, cigar-shaped, understated pen were it perhaps not for starters fairly major thing: the resin where this “Chartres Blue” version of the pen is manufactured is a stunningly deep, rich, vibrant blue shade. It’s clear, but is so dark and high in shade it’s challenging see-through it. It’s a truly gorgeous product, and one that makes the otherwise pedestrian cigar form with gold-colored fittings rather a standout.

When it comes to size, this pen is a good middle-ground involving the massive “compensating for some thing” uber-pens that I favor a great deal and the fragile small-hands/ladies pens that many people prefer. it is just scarcely big enough that I can put it to use unposted, it is quite balanced when published and, and so I can get the excess size out of the pen to genuinely fit my spider-fingers. Furthermore only a touch narrower into the hold than i like, although not enough it bothers me personally in almost any appreciable means.

The construction associated with the pen is fairly high. The threads are correctly slashed, the clip is solid, the resin is polished to a mirror shine, and also the whole thing only has an air of high quality around it. Of certain note could be the Slip and Seal cap that Platinum created that, in accordance with their particular advertising and marketing product, could keep your pen from drying out for up to couple of years. That patented inner-cap system does provide a supplementary little opposition from the final quarter-turn of tightening the limit.

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