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Pelikan Fountain Pens Reviews

Here’s one pen analysis I’ve been sitting on for the past two years, and I’m at the moment comfortable placing it available to you. Neither the pen nor the analysis is specially complex or controversial, however for some reason I really wanted to understand this one right.

I bought the red/black striated Pelikan M600 from Richard Binder in the 2013 Baltimore Pen Show. Although it wasn’t the highest priced pen that I'd purchased currently, it had been positively the purchase I'd thought the absolute most about ahead of pulling the trigger. The reason why? I became torn between your M600 and M800/M1000s that everybody had been urging us to buy. So, how performed things prove? I made the right choice, for me personally about.


Every Pelikan I’ve possessed or written with is built like a tank, additionally the M600 is no exception. These are good quality German pens, and are built to endure. This pen has actually seen heavy usage over the past couple of years, yet the action regarding piston continues to be smooth, without any sticking or loosening associated with blind limit as time passes. My pen does not have any visible flaws on human body or perhaps the trim, other than some small micro-scratches that I think about normal deterioration.

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