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Straight out of package this pen features an excellent, hefty, chunky experience to it.

Hidden when you look at the field it comes in is a blue cartridge, meaning I could utilize the pen right away.

When unscrewing the pen to insert the cartridge, I became pleased to observe that the bottom associated with the pen additionally the ferrule it screws directly into tend to be both steel. I have been disappointed on many past occasions where in fact the body of pen is metal and also the base is synthetic, which splits on fall of a hat in the event that you unintentionally overtighten.

The nib seems smooth and free-flowing and is a happiness to write with

Very pleased with my acquisition and would highly recommend.

******************FOOTNOTE (7 MONTHS FUTURE)************************

Nonetheless enjoying it!

I nonetheless make use of this pen day-after-day with great pleasure. Nevertheless because smooth as time one, We have had no issues with it drying out up, or something like that.

(Yes I'm among those irritating Blokes that don't clear their particular clothing pouches before placing their top within the washing container)

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