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Diamine Sargasso Sea Review

It is a-deep blue ink with an attractive golden sheen. It is undoubtedly similar to the light from a sunset showing off lazy sea waves.

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Kind dark blue. No circulation...

Nice dark blue. No flow problems after all. Utilizing a F nib pen.

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I bought two containers associated with Diamine "Sargasso Sea" ink sight-unseen, according to site reviews and colors. (Plus, how will you get wrong purchasing a product from a company that's been around since Abe Lincoln had been President?) I happened to be more than satisfied: the ink is a deep dark-blue (much improved on the washed-out stuff I would been utilizing), moves effortlessly and writes uniformly. I am deploying it in a Paradise Pen in-store brand (5280) w/a silver medium point nib, a pen that's been a bit fussy w/other inks. Simply no issue using Diamine product.

This ink is AMAZING. We bought this along side a Z24 converter for my Lamy Safari with an EF nib. The blue the Safari came with ended up being much too light and diluted for me, and so I elected this ink after reading many reviews and thinking about several choices. I could never be happier. The blue is extremely dark, but it is definately not being a "Blue-Black" ink. There was a very light, purple sheen that produces the ink pop much more from your report. This really is absolutely becoming certainly one of my staple inks.

This ink features exemplary...

This ink features exceptional shade, deep-blue with a purple sheen. The sole issues with this ink is that in the event that pen is uncapped for 2 moments roughly (on a Faber Castell method nib at the least), the ink dries on nib therefore would require several strokes to get it started once more. Usually, I would personally give it 5 star. Diamine makes great ink, lots of shade alternatives, and each container holds a lot of ink. I also that can compare with the ink container, although the old variation (with green limit and fantastic labels and box) is more appealing. Don't know the reason why Diamine changed the bundle...perhaps to cut expense? Hope they will deliver the old classic packaging back.

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