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Arte Italiana MilordAlthough the pen took a while to supply (it had to send right from Italy), when appeared the pen has-been outstanding author. The nib is perfectly damp and positively smooth, and maroon and rose silver combination is very attractive. This is a larger pen but fits perfectly within my hand as I would like to compose un-capped.

Wauwatosa, WI

I understand there is a large number of nostalgic followers of this old Paragon just who simply do not "get" this new incarnation with this Omas classic. As an owner of the variations, I have to say the new Paragon is an attractive pen, which respectfully honours Omas Paragon's tradition and at the same time frame tends to make a bold declaration about its uniqueness and variety.Arte Italiana Paragon (Piston-Fill) Larger your vintage Paragon, made of the same, unbelievably gorgeous Arco brown celluloid but with a vermeil part that feels gorgeous between your hands, an attractive nib (we possess both variations in Bold), the band of the limit adorned by a a modern form of the traditional greek (that is nevertheless the just point where i'm your older Paragon was much better) therefore the top made valuable by a golden "O" (which can be much better than the bare end cap regarding the vintage Paragon), with a big and substantive golden video (that personally like), the brand new Paragon isn't any doubts the pleased flagship of modern Omas. We warmly recommend it (and particularly at Penchalet's awesome price!) to any serious pen lover.

Arcisate, (VA)

I REALLY LIKE Omas pen refills. They have been difficult to find sometimes, especially the Parker design. I have bought Parker refills prior to, however they only aren't the same. The purchase price is the identical, although Omas is such a nicer writing refill, IMO.

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