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Vanishing Point, Pilot

It has been very requested videos in my situation to-do, so.here it's! Filling a Pilot Vanishing aim actually hard once you know the way the pen works. It is quite distinct from most other water feature pencils, so that it does take some learning and rehearse. When you get the hang from it however, it's as simple as any water feature pen.

If you want to see an overview associated with the Vanishing Point collection, consider my various other post, here.
If you wish to observe the Vanishing aim compares to the Lamy Dialog 3, check out my various other post, here.

Pilot Vanishing Point in Raden finish, retractable nib fountain pen.

The Vanishing part of my larger-than-average hand.

The Vanishing aim nib unit taken off the pen human anatomy.

Exploded view of all the 'guts' of the Vanishing aim.

Very thin 18k gold nib, but writes remarkably smooth and springy.

Countless alternatives of colors for these pens, and restricted versions come-out constantly.

Vanishing Point nib dimensions comparison, done on 80g Rhodia dotpad paper.

Ideally this helps clear some things up for you personally. Let me know that which you think!

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