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Pilot Lucina Fountain Pen

The Waterman Phileas is a discontinued FP that we read way too many nutrients about regarding stationery blog sites to pass through through to when the opportunity found get a new-old-stock test.

The human body, limit and section are shiny synthetic, a very dark brown on mine. It's an extremely positive snap limit with outstanding spring-loaded pocket clip. There was a brass pipe within the body to provide it some fat and present it a feeling of top-notch.

The bicolor metal method nib is big and performs very well, completely smooth and skip-free after all after a great soapy flushing, even when composing rapidly, a tad dried out for my taste however. I really benefit from the art deco styling for the Phileas, many people tend to be deterred by it. The longitudal slots designed in to the area do neither annoy me personally nor assistance with the alignment ob the nib.

In general, I would rate my Pilot Lucina the higher pen because of the outstanding Japanese steel nib, but once someone happens for a Phileas for a beneficial cost (around 40 dollars or more on the used marketplace), you will not be let down. I would personally, from just what I´ve read, keep away from the fine nib and opt for medium or broad rather.

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