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Pilot France Fountain Pen

Pilot plumixThe Pilot Plumix is a rather low priced fountain pen which just offered with a medium italic nib. We don’t can get on also really with italic nibs but I’ve found that one becoming smooth, though firm, and typical associated with the high-quality of Pilot nibs even in this budget range.

We obtained this pen in France, in a grocery store, and was interested in it initially since it takes standard international cartridges, which can be very uncommon for Pilot pencils.Pilot Plumix supply However it seems as though this is certainlyn’t constantly the truth and lots of that I’ve seen on the market online take the usual proprietary Pilot cartridge instead.

The design (and name) evokes conventional quills but this pen glories in its plasticness. it is demonstrably extremely modern-day, it revels on it, however enables you to think about writing with a feather. Very smart.

For cost this might be an excellent pen. It’s really worth shopping around as I’ve seen them for all forms of different prices. it is additionally really worth shopping for the one that takes standard cartridges, although that shouldn’t put you off if you can’t get a hold of any. It’s a lovely pen.

The part is contoured a little like a Lamy Safari,  only much less broad,  and is very comfortable to carry. Obviously it may be a problem in the event that you don’t like your pen to influence the method that you should hold it. Pilot plumix section Pilot plumix with notepad Pilot Plumix handwritten review

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