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Exceptional water fountain pen, the writing quality is great from the first day itself nonetheless should you want to turn the nib smooth after that scribble 5-10 pages. The pen is extremely well balanced and also the construction is first class. If you wish, you are able to put a pilot converter, by pulling out the squeeze tube system, which can make the pen hold ink in an easy method and can last longer, given that converters keeps adequate ink and it is means better than the squeeze pipe system provided in pen.

For regular usage i recommend a con - 20 as it keeps even more ink after that just about any converter while the system is thoroughly tested one. In the event that you change inks very frequently you might wish to go with the con - 40 or con - 50. The conventional pilot ink is good enough for this pen there is no need to go overboard using the ink.

One should mention the caliber of the nib, it is smooth and free flowing and there's no sign of clogging. It could be comparable to a pilot 0.5 nib, and means much better than European fountain pen nibs. The cap has easy fit and fits firmly, although it can be slid onto the back for the pen while composing. It is not only great to grip while writing but also provides a sturdy and comfortable support. The pen is better after that more expensive options. This might be an excellent pen that punches above it's fat therefore the entire globe says therefore, use the internet and you may discover much more.

I believe there was a need to say towards converters slightly, the pilot pen includes a squeeze kind converter which is factory fitted and that can never be bought separately, from the market, all over the world. This factory fitted converter is good adequate for informal users. However by using the pen regularly for writing then converters such as for instance con-20 or con-40 and con-50 are much better and are also on Amazon.

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