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The Pilot Falcon (formerly referred to as Namiki Falcon) is an iconic pen inside fountain pen world. It's most well-known for the 14k rhodium-plated soft nib, which supplies range variation once you replace your writing stress. This water fountain pen includes a soft extra-fine nib and includes a Con-50 converter for bottled ink and a Pilot/Namiki ink cartridge in a pen case.

The softness for the nib is such that if you wish to put it to use for daily writing it is possible to, and never have to flex it out. Though if you do need display line variation, all you have to do is raise your writing strain on the downstrokes and it's indeed there for when it's needed. Pilot doesn't advertise this as a "flex" pen, though it has that reputation within the water feature pen community. It most definitely provides distinct range variation, though you can overdo it, so you should be cognizant of how far you are pushing it whenever you flex the nib tines.

The soft extra-fine nib is quite fine, and has now a tremendously toothy feel to it though it can offer the most remarkable range difference of the many nib options. The soft-fine features quite a lot of range variation, besides, with a noticeably smoother experience than the soft extra-fine so it is perfect as an 'everyday' pen. The smooth medium and smooth diverse are quite smooth and enjoyable to publish with, although the range difference is less noticeable on these nib sizes than the finer nibs. Pilot (also Japanese nib companies) features a reputation for grinding their nibs finer than European companies. We have found that to-be the situation using extra-fine and fine nibs, even though the method and wide nibs are far more like European nibs. Always check our Nib Nook contrast tool to see how the writing samples that Brian Goulet has been doing compare with other pen models.

The Falcon consists of black colored resin, a light material that polishes to increased gloss. The pen is cut with polished rhodium-plated accents, which really complement the black color well. The threads from the hold tend to be simple, and even though your hands may touch them if you are writing, it isn't bothersome at all for some article writers.

This will be a slightly lighter pen than most at 19g, a noticeable huge difference through the heavier Pilot Metal Falcon. It is well-balanced utilizing the limit published or otherwise not. The screw-cap pushes regarding straight back regarding the pen to post, and keeps very firmly.

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