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he Parker "41" is an extremely appealing and rather unusual pen that for reasons uknown for long neglected to entice the eye associated with main collector neighborhood. It offers all of the features for the belated design Parker "21" many components are actually compatible. It really is an aerometric filler with an octanium (eight material alloy) nib, a steel limit and a black clip screw, therefore ended up being provided as yet another cheaper replacement for the famed Parker "51". The video had been made from heat-treated beryllium copper. It had been introduced in 1956 and was positioned in a price range amongst the rather preferred college pen the Parker "21" therefore the way more costly Parker "51". In 1956 a regular Parker "51" cost $13.50 and a Parker "21" $5.95, as well as the Parker "41" expense $8.75, $12.75 for a matching set. The top-of-the-line Parker "61" had been priced from $25
he Parker "41" arrived in brilliant tints of pink and light turquoise, and had been meant to win the destination of this the ladies. There was indeed issues about the conservative colours regarding the "51'", but considering that the Parker "51" ended up being so terrifically hyped, it turned-out that couple of chose the Parker "41" anyway, notwithstanding the colouring together with lower pricing. The notion of even more colorful pens was nonetheless later on followed in the Parker "21" and Parker "45" outlines. The Parker 41 was in a way changed by the 21 Super, in 1956, but a version survived given that Debutante, introduced in 1957, with a Parker "45" design video.
t felt that ladies felt more comfortable aided by the smaller version of the Parker "51" – the Demi, also targeted at the feminine population. One basis for it was your Parker "41" was crafted from a more brittle synthetic and may frequently perhaps not withstand the hard life inside womens purses, along with secrets, compacts, coins and metal hair brushes. So, within a-year, in 1958, additionally the Debutante Parker "41" was stopped.

The Debutante caps had been nonetheless re-used from the Parker "21" from 1958. They currently had the perfect "45" style cut, and so the switch...

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