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Parker Pen Pencils

The organization had been started in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1888 by George Safford Parker aided by the desire “making a significantly better pen.” Before the organization’s conception, George Parker had worked as a pen salesman when it comes to John Holland Gold Pen Company. During their ventures, he saw a startling amount of discontent among pen collectors regarding the leakage of water feature pencils. After Parker was launched, he produced an unique system to fight this issue. In 1894, Parker developed the “Lucky Curve”

ink feed system which exhausted unused ink back to the pen reservoir through capillary action when the pen ended up being upright into the pocket. It had been a revolutionary system which was utilized in numerous forms for over thirty many years.

One of Parker’s many brilliant and revolutionary products to date may be the Quink, especially created for Parker Pens. Developed in 1931, this “quick drying ink” has many useful features. Its waterproof, cannot block, is non-corrosive, cannot leave ink build up, doesn't fade, and most notably: its quick-drying. The Quink’s flexibility and practicality allowed it to alter the field of inks in completely unimaginable methods. Adored by pen lovers, it is among Parker’s many innovative products currently.

Parker pens are also longtime favorites around the globe for signing crucial political documents. The World War II armistices, for-instance, were finalized with Parker pencils. Sporadically, commemorative variations of this historic pens were offered for commercial purchase.

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