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Parker Duofold Centennial Fountain Pen

Sonnet Premier Ingenuity Urban I am Jotter
A few of our various other Parker Pen selections Timeless and stylish, Sonnet is hand put together and examined for perfect quality. Solid-gold nib provides high precision and exceptional writing convenience, coupled with fashionable and classic design. Available in a selection of finishes. Flawlessly crafted using gold and silver coins and an excellent silver nib, Parker Premier is a prestigious, yet still modern choice. Comfortable, exact and hand-assembled, Parker Premier provides an exclusive good writing knowledge. The new generation in pencils. Innovative and modern-day, Parker Ingenuity intuitively adapts towards writing style in moments for an effortlessly smooth, effortless glide experience, due to the newest Parker 5THTM tech. The dynamic, standout design is correct on-trend, which makes it the most wonderful accessory to visit to you anywhere. Vibrant curved design offers a bold modern-day appearance that dares to-be noticed. Created for both left and right-hand article authors, your inspiration is not slashed short with Urban. At the same time modern, elegant and professional, Parker IM is a pen willing to accompany you everywhere. Smart graphical design offers a stylish look. Fun and useful, Jotter is perfect for those who need a pen on the road and love simple however cool add-ons. The ballpoint nib provides exemplary durability and ease, plus an iconic clip and streamlined design.
Readily Available Pen Kinds Fountain, Rollerball, and Ballpoint Parker 5th Pen Technology Ballpoint
Barrel Information Models available in Lacquer, Gold, Silver, and Stainless Steel Versions for sale in Lacquer, Gold and Titanium. Models for sale in Lacquer, Rubber, Metal, Chrome, and Gold Versions obtainable in Lacquer and Anodized Aluminum Models available in Lacquer, Anodized Aluminum, and material Stainless-steel
Fountain Pen Nib 18K Solid Gold with rhodium plating Dual-tone 18K Solid-gold
Rollerball Nib FreeInk technology, for consistent, fluid outlines and durable colors.
Ballpoint Nib Quinkflow technology for a smoother, cleaner, and much more constant writing performance
fifth Technology Nib Versatile tip interacts with metal hood to give an exceedingly smooth and liquid writing experience, with an intense and razor-sharp rendering. Changes intuitively toward customer's style of writing, within a few words. A highly revolutionary technology that ensures a clear and simple refill process.

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