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Inconsistent! I did not purchase this from JetPens, but Used to do wish to write a review anyhow.

I have had two of these pencils - a blue one and a purple one - both with similar music nib. The blue one was smooth and wonderful, but I destroyed it. And even though i'm left-handed, it absolutely was buttery and put down a solid damp range. Good to make use of. In addition inexpensive! But alas! We eagerly bought the purple one to change it and was straight away disappointed in what a poor publisher it absolutely was set alongside the other one I own(ed). Dry, scratchy, skips a lot, difficult to get going, inconsistent ink flow, etc.

I am additionally let down the converter costs a lot more than the pen does plus it does not take a regular cartridge. Easily had understood your converter ended up being over the pen and I also have to purchase carts online (aren't able to find them locally), I would likely have perhaps not purchased this pen (once more). I'm afraid of changing it to an eyedropper as it might break it my bag/make a mess/etc.

Having said that, it is a fantastic shape and size. The cap screws on securely and it also feels great to keep. This pen features most great reviews, therefore it is feasible for the replacement i obtained is just bad quality. I am, however, disappointed that there's much difference between your exact same model of pen. I may you will need to adjust the nib upon it to save lots of it due to the fact it isn't very helpful as-is right now.

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