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Eventually i desired to test out different water feature pen inks using plunge pen, simply to observe really the fared set alongside the acrylic ink. I tested a few of my current preferences, plus the two latest Kaweco inks and surprisingly there was clearly very a variation in number of dips had a need to complete my writing with each one. It certainly was not systematic, but I did attempt to maintain the writing because constant as possible and the length of time & depth associated with dips. Typically, I was dipping several times for the really small writing test, and found that some inks had been therefore runny they would blob ink down after a brand new dip. I was very pleased with how Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa and Noodler's El Lawrence fared - Scabiosa held up for my whole phrase and I also also performed some additional flexes ahead of the ink went out. El Lawrence ended up being regarding the higher viscosity side also with just two dips. Many other people had been at the very least four to five dips. With all the acrylic ink, I became able to write the complete top half the review (maybe not the title - which was done with a folded nib), with some severe flex, with only 6 dips. Pretty impressive!

In all, i truly enjoyed venturing outside my normal fountain pen routine and testing out Kaweco's Dip Pen. I have tried the Noodler's Ahab for flex, and also this one ended up being a lot more pleasant to make use of because railroading wasn't an issue using right ink. I really could see myself using this for holiday cards, design work, or simply just for enjoyable. I actually do nevertheless want to try away some gum arabic mixed into water fountain pen inks, to ensure that I'm able to have a wider color variety than most dip inks offer. Kaweco's nib owner is durable, sensible and incredibly enjoyable to make use of. It retails for around $36 at locations like JetPens.com - i'm like this's a very reasonable price for an anodized aluminum nib holder. You can also swap completely different dip nibs for a complete various writing knowledge. Maybe you have tried any plunge pencils before? Let me know your knowledge!

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