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Most expensive Parker pen

George Parker patented their very first pen in 1889 as he was still training telegraphy students how to transcribe Morse rule. In 1894, he created and patented his "lucky bend" feed system, which greatly decreased the leakage that has been a common issue of early eyedropper fountain pens. By 1905, Parker’s Lucky Curve pens were a force become reckoned within the developing fountain-pen industry.

The Parker Jack Knife security pen arrived in 1911. Its limit could possibly be screwed down to the pen’s human body, rendering it ink-tight. One specially prized design had a transparent, amber, Bakelite human anatomy. Various other Parker pens from 1910s through the no. 15, a ladies design with a mother-of-pearl barrel and black colored hard-rubber caps which were often crowned by a semi-precious rock or covered in gold-filled filigree. The Parker no. 16 was an extremely little pen with gold-filled filigree, whilst the descriptive name associated with Ebony monster nearly sums up its utilitarian design.

The Jack Knife evolved to the "Big Red" button-filler Duofold in 1921, that was marketed to "rival the good thing about the scarlet tanager." Duofolds in Mandarin yellow and lapis lazuli followed in 1927. Vintage yellowish Duofolds are really collectible, but a blue design named for Zaner Blouser calligraphy college is one of the most unusual Parkers available.

In fact, as an organization, the vintage Parker Duofold water feature pens through the 1920s tend to be extraordinarily stunning writing implements. Jade pencils crafted from a branded synthetic known as Permanite were offered in a number of sizes (Junior, women, Senior) as well as in sets with matching mechanical pencils. Some Duofolds had pearl manages and hats, veined with black synthetic. Apple green and "Modernistic blue" were other preferred colors, since had been moiré-patterned water feature pencils, which ranged from pink to blue.

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