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Expensive fountain pens

Before, fountain pencils had been the ballpoints of your age. It was probably the most convenient way to have a pen and ink to you that writes immediately and consistently. During the time, ballpoints were higher priced than water feature pens!

But obviously the ballpoint, as soon as perfected, proved to be the exceptional writing device regarding maybe not f*cking up and having the ability to set ink down on even awful paper, and also on things like synthetic and rubber plus metal.

Considering that, ballpoints had been in popular, and because of its design as more or less throwaway (cartridge or perhaps the whole pen), producers needed to make often times much more ballpoints than water feature pens.

There’s this thing called the economic climate of scale meaning that there are cost benefits to making or production a huge amount of stuff than whenever done at smaller quantities.

That’s basically how ballpoints are so much cheaper than fountain pencils.

Indeed, issued, ballpoints usually are made of plastic today and are usually disposable, but observe that there are fountain pencils which are made of synthetic and, and just material elements would be the nibs. And while the water fountain pen nib is virtually more metal, you may not think that much metal prices many dollars more? It probably costs simply two dollars much more or something like that!

Consider it, a water fountain pen nib is virtually only stamped away and cut and just set it regarding feed. A ballpoint nib must be molded, and you have to put in a little material baseball inside, after that fit the cartridge into that system, make sure it is not gonna drip. Just think of the complexity of earning a ballpoint pen, yet it is cheaper

If you think about this, a water feature pen is certainly caused by a stamp/mold out affair that one may construct and disassemble yourself, therefore the components are lifeless simple. You can’t also completely disassemble a ballpoint cartridge and nib without destroying the pen. Yet it’s less expensive.

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