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Mont Blanc 146 Fountain Pen

in line with the success, the iconic condition and timelessness it will be unfair to offer significantly less than maximum things design wise.

Conversely – it's the initial, but lacks creativity. Montblanc succeeded in creating a timeless type of the fountain pen. A representative. On these reasons I’d state that it is impossible to give the classic black/gold Meisterstück with its different sizes a unitary decision. It's a not just a pen – it's a phenomenon. The things I do like concerning this design usually it is elegant without exaggerated bling, it is unique and understated in ways not one of special variations or LEs or WEs are. Nevertheless anything of a writing tool that's made to be utilized. Often we find it too elegant – a bit rigid and dirty – however it is a timeless design in which all elements – barrel, cap and nib – are very well balanced plus harmony together. From the three standard sizes 144/145 and 146 and 149 I like the 146. Its lenght is virtually the same as the 149, however it is much more thin without having to be meagre – I get the 144 and 145 a tad to meagre – which is still thicker than a Pelikan M800.

The few ornaments that it holds is very well-made – the fat cap band because of the Meisterstück inscription is meticulously well made with an air of artistry. That's one of the details that I like specifically. Yet another thing i favor with this particular pen compared to the modern version is the fact that nib is much more simple – monotone and not a great deal bling onto it. But, the most beautiful nib version could be the one through the 50’s with the same design since this, in duotone. Simple and yet refined. And – lastly – we am some fond of the snow flake regarding the limit.

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Mont Blanc Fountain Pen
Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

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