Round Hand Dip Pen & Nib Set

Left handed nibs Calligraphy

It isn't constantly easy for merchants to stock all of our left-handed sets or perhaps the whole range of Manuscript calligraphy forward end sections.

To address this matter and take care of left-handed people you can expect a calligraphy nib trade service whereby we shall swap the leading end areas in the set which you have obtained in exchange all of them with left-handed equivalents.

Also, you may want to buy the individual nib sections right from Manuscript making use of the calligraphy nib trade service leaflet.

Understanding a Nib Section?

A Nib area is the front end of a water feature pen, (such as the nib). The Ink cartridge is placed into the nib section after that screwed to the pen barrel.

At Manuscript we produce two standard varieties of pen- the typical Vintage Fountain Pen in addition to 12 sided Dodec Fountain Pen. Each of the pen designs possesses its own type of nib sections so it is important to observe that whenever choosing your nib sections that you're aware of which pen design you have.

Standard Classic- Sleek Ebony Fountain Pen with curved, ergonomic hold. Pen and nib finishes can vary greatly between Steel and Gilt.

Classic Calligraphy Pen

Dodec- 12 sided Dodec Fountain Pen. Pen and nib finishes may vary bettween metal and Gilt.

Please note that nib parts are not individually available for the Scribe Series, Master Pen or Trio water fountain pencils.

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