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Lamy left handed nib

Lamy Ink ColourWe compared Lamy’s blue, blue-black and black ink colour against various other brands with really favourable results, coming top in two categories. Their particular black colored ink delivered one of the more intense and solid blacks, whilst their blue and blue black were rich in color and truest to their name. We also tested ink bleed (the extent that the ink bleeds from the desired line), which for Lamy was very minimal.

Lamy Safari: The Success taleThe Lamy Safari was developed to help with making water feature pencils more child friendly as soon as it became a necessity to use one in many schools. The ergonomic hold, robust design, inexpensive cost and funky styling quickly caused it to be into a must have in most classrooms. Accolades adopted for instance the IF design award in 1994, hailing it as an ‘outstanding design achievement’, as well as its appeal grew with grownups too. The ergonomic hold and lightweight design causes it to be effortless to make use of, plus the nib is very easily replaceable with a good amount of choices from left handed to extra fine. The Safari in addition caters for the internal stationery geeks within us, with a lot of minimal edition tints to produce united states feel a little various.

Lamy: A Pen comes into the worldGerman manufacturing is similar to dependability and exacting standards of quality control – and Lamy isn't any exemption. Since founding in 1930, they’ve become among the world’s leading pen companies. We’ve compiled this informative article to show the phases of making a Lamy pen, the advanced technology and specialist machinery needed, in addition to remarkable levels of skill and artistry involved.

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