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Permanent fountain pen Inks

Carbon Particle Ink being waterproofA:

Because fountain pen inks tend to be liquid based nearly all are perhaps not waterproof and do not prosper when they get damp. There are many fountain pen inks that are either waterproof or water-resistant. They truly are made of various elements that make them waterproof. Each have actually their own benefits and drawbacks.

Waterproof Fountain Pen Ink

First why don't we mention about the ones that are waterproof in what these are generally made with.

Carbon/Particle Inks
Carbon or particle water fountain pen inks are available with micro good particles suspended in the ink. In the event that particles are way too large it can block the fine passages of the feed and nib.

Common Carbon/Particle Inks

Features of carbon/particle inks:Dis-advantages of carbon/particle inks:
  • Higher blocking threat of your water fountain pen.

Iron-Gall Inks
Iron gall inks are manufactured from iron salts and tannic acids. The structure associated with the ink contains corrosive acids although modern metal gall inks have enhanced.

Lamy Ink WaterproofCommon Iron-Gall Inks

Advantages of iron-gall inks:Dis-advantages of iron-gall inks:
  • May clog your water feature pen. Old-school iron-gall inks are corrosive and damage your water fountain pen but modern formulations are more gentle.
  • Not resistant to dull and Ultraviolet.

Bulletproof Inks
Noodlers Ink makes a line of what they call "bulletproof inks". They not merely are liquid evidence but resist various other chemical substances eg bleach in addition to UV light.

Bulletproof Inks

  • Noodlers Ink - Polar Black
  • Noodlers Ink - Luxury Blue
  • Noodlers Ink - Hunter Green
  • Noodlers Ink - Fox Red
  • Noodlers Ink - Blue Ghost (invisible)
  • Noodlers Ink - Lexington Gray
Other "near-bulletproof" Noodlers Inks include:
  • Noodlers Ink - Aircorps Blue-Black
  • Noodlers Ink - Blue-Black
  • Noodlers Ink - Traditional Brown
  • Noodlers Ink - Golden-brown
  • Noodlers Ink - Kiowa Pecan
  • Noodlers Ink - Marine Green
  • Noodlers Ink - Navy
  • Noodlers Ink - Red-Black
  • Noodlers Ink - Walnut
  • Noodlers Ink - Zhivago
Advantages of Noodlers Bulletproof Inks:
  • Wont damage water feature pens and certainly will be rinsed on easily.
  • Ink might have some creeping.
  • Ink may often smudge even though dried out.

Waterproof Inks

Water resistant inks tend to be fountain pen inks which will withstand moisture but they are not considered waterproof.

Some water resistant fountain pen inks feature:

There are a few factors to how well fountain pen inks do with liquid aside from simply the ink. The type of paper plus the length of time will change the way the inks resist moisture.

Noodlers Ink - Bulleproof,  Waterproof Pilot Namiki Ink water-resistant

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