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Until recently, I never really worked in pen and ink. That is, whenever we drew in black and white, we worked primarily with brushes. I was never ever an admirer of contemporary cross-hatching designs and was always keen on performers which received 1 accurate range over 50 little hatched ones. One time a pal of mine who was great with pen and ink attempted to teach me personally utilizing nib-pens and ended up being horrifed to discover I didn't even know how to hold one properly.

But several winters ago, I re-discovered the job of some old-school pen-and-ink masters and I also had been definitely floored. I had seen some examples of work by men like Joseph Clement Coll, Charles Dana Gibson and Franklin Booth years before, but in those days I didn't even understand how the work ended up being done. I thought it was some kind of print-making or something like that. When I saw it again recently, I ACQUIRED it. This business were only amazing performers, and managed pen-and-ink work like oil-painting - just they just developed their shades utilizing outlines perhaps not colour. My favourite regarding the old masters is Orson Lowell, and I discovered their work mainly through good "Illustration" magazine released by Jim Vadeboncoeur. If you want pen-and-ink example, specifically from it's fame times during the early part of the 20th century, I recommend you try and look for their work - its unequalled.

The above sketches tend to be my tries to mess around with pen-and-ink. I don't do most of it, nevertheless prefering to make use of brushes, but I have about learned to put up a pen precisely. These people were all drawn from a concern of "Slam!", an NBA basketball magazine. See if you're able to imagine which people I've smudged the likeness on...

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