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Ink for fountain Pens

Many Water and Highlighter Resistant Gray InksMost Water- and Highlighter-Resistant Gray Inks

Many fountain pen inks will smear if they get damp or highlighted. If you prefer to emphasize your records or would you like to ensure that an errant spill won’t expel your work, it's crucial that you select an ink with great water weight. Here are the gray inks we’ve discovered to have the best water resistance:

Interestingly, numerous musicians and artists really choose reduced water-resistance gray inks like Diamine gray because they can help produce cool clean impacts with a liquid brush:

Just click here to look at complete link between our testing, which we performed by soaking the inks in water for 30 moments, smearing these with a waterbrush, and showcasing them with ink and gel highlighters.

These tests were done on Rhodia DotPad report with a TWSBI ECO 1.1 mm fountain pen, Kuretake medium liquid brush, Stabilo employer ink highlighter, and Monami Essenti Dry gel highlighter. Rhodia report is extremely smooth and non-absorbent, allowing inks to smear more easily upon it than on various other, toothier papers. Due to this, you might experience better results compared to those below if you are using a toothier, more absorbent paper.

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