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Fountain Pens and ink

Noodler's Polar Freeze-Resistant InksIf it snows where you live, you might have skilled the terrible fate that can befall a sealed container of liquid omitted in cold. Like most various other water-based substance, fountain pen inks expand when they freeze and will burst the bottle, cartridge, or pen they’re stored in. This can be a certain risk for ink bottles during delivery, however it can also affect pens unintentionally remaining in a car or on a patio dining table over night.

Noodler’s Polar inks tend to be specially created to resist freezing in temperatures down to -20°F. a slim icy film or slush may develop within the ink at conditions near to this restriction, but it won’t expand and can also nevertheless be written with. All Polar inks will also be bulletproof and lubricated. Interestingly, all of the Polar inks except Polar Ebony are extremely fast-drying—even quicker as compared to Bernanke inks—but they feather quite badly, therefore we don’t recommend all of them unless you need their particular anti-freezing properties.

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