The Apollo Technical Pen and

Technical Pen parts and functions

rotring 800+ product treatment

how exactly to weight the prospects?

We advice refilling your pencil with 3 fine leads. It´s best stability for extended use without producing excessively dust within the tube because an overload of refills.

Simple tips to unblock a mechanical pen?

  • Fill-in leads with right diameter.
  • If no lead transportation, unscrew tip and touch out any lead fragments, blow lead residue from the chuck.


Constantly rectract the lead before using on a touchscreen.

Just how to refill an Isograph pen?

Tap any remaining from the tip (tip pointing upwards) before refilling the pen. Shake carefully the pen prior to the usage.

Repair advices for technical pencils

To store, seal with cap and lay horizontally or place in Pen-Station.

Nib and cap must certanly be cleaned every once in awhile. You should use the expert rOtring cleaner fluid, offered at, to clean different pen components.

When cleansing Isograph, Pull/twist off the push-on sleeve (if sleeve is trapped tight, use extractor in limit)

After cleaning, wash all components with clean liquid and dried out very carefully.

Never ever disassemble the drawing nib as this will void the warranty.


The ArtPen is extremely an easy task to clean: eliminate the cartridge and put leading part like the nib into luke tepid to warm water.

If you don't used non rOtring ink cartridges, this will be the just upkeep your Artpen needs.

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