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Small Pocket Pens

The nicest pen is not good in the event that you don’t have it nearby when you want to publish. That Montblanc sitting on your work desk will simply be applied, well, at your table. For all the impromptu scribbling you’ll encounter on a regular basis, start thinking about something little and transportable. These are the mini pens that get our stamp of approval.

Mini Brass EDC Pen

For true portability, he is tough to beat. Obviously, because of the small dimensions comes some difficult. The Mini Brass EDC Pen takes a little used to; it doesn’t expand far enough to attain the crook betwixt your flash and list finger, so writing feels various with it. Once you have a handle upon it, however, you’ll wonder how you performed with no such a durable writing tool to you at all times. The 2” long pen attaches directly to your key ring and, because it’s machined from metal, can endure everyday torture. Ink goes fast (obviously), you could drop a basic Cross Matrix refill in there to have it composing once more. Length: 2” Weight: 1 oz.

Lamy Pico

Like a Transformer, the Lamy Pico is much more than meets the attention. The thin, capsule-like design functions a push button back that both extends the writing tip and expands the entire period of the pen. it is very nearly a full-sized pen in a mini pen’s body. We additionally occur to dig the looks regarding the lacquer or matte finish on each associated with colorways. It might make use of a clip for simpler transport, but, in general, it’s an addictive and smooth small writing instrument. Length: 3 ⅝” body weight: 1.8 oz.

All-Weather Trekker Pen

Looking like a mini Kubotan, the All-Weather Trekker Pen is simply as rugged. Built to write in the current weather, the keychain pen are designed for impromptu campsite note-taking or momentary thought reminders busy toward subway. The material pen will write in severe conditions and ink won’t previously leak or explode within pocket. While slim, at 4” long, its on bigger end of the range with this record. Nevertheless, it could handle situations many of the others can’t. Length: 3 ⅞” body weight: 1 oz.

Kaweco LILIPUT Ballpen Brass Wave

Our choose the finest into the LILIPUT range from Kaweco is this Brass Wave model. The textured human anatomy adds grip into the tiny memo doodler. it is actually an attribute that others should think of adopting, due to the fact, without it, smaller pens feels unstable within the hand. The untreated metal human body allows the mini pen to just take a beating. Would a clip happen great? Yes, but we do like this German-made little blogger. Length: 3 ⅞” body weight: 1 oz.

Compact Bolt Action Pen

The largest pen we considered for this listing normally one of the more impressive. Whilst overall length (4 ⅜”) is double that of other people showcased right here, the machined aluminum human body is gorgeous, strong, and remarkably light. Moreover it is the only pen about this list that doubles as a serious self-defense tool. The bolt action is addictive additionally the video helps it be lightweight. Overall, while it blurs the line between mini pen and full-sized pen, it’s small enough for people and gets our stamp of endorsement. Length: 4 ⅜” Weight: 1.4 oz.

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