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It is possible to train yourself to review old handwriting. This really is a required ability should you want to review handwritten census documents or any record that was produced prior to the wide-spread use of the typewriter into the 1920s. This article lists best free online resources and tutorials to simply help enable you to get begun.

Palaeography could be the study of old handwriting. At some point, every genealogist results in a vintage handwritten record of their ancestor, talks about it and pronounces it totally illegible. It is not fundamentally illegible; it simply might seem illegible toward modern attention.


There are 2 aspects to reading handwritten historical papers:

• comprehending just what page of alphabet the cursive script signifies.

• comprehending the terms, spelling, abbreviations and acronyms that have been typical of the time duration additionally the type of document.

The sources below generally focus on the first aspect – comprehending the letters into the cursive script. For most people this is usually the most challenging and difficult element of reading old handwriting. The second aspect is normally much easier because most record collections have lists of typical abbreviations and words from the records. As an alternative, you'll seek advice from on the web dictionaries of historic terms and spellings.

Resource List

1. One of the better on line tutorials emerges because of the British National Archives. It will teach you to learn documents written in English from 1500 to 1800. It even has actually a fun game you'll play to assist increase ability with reading old handwriting. [National Archives Palaeography Tutorial]

2. Cambridge University even offers an excellent palaeography guide that breaks down the alphabet by page for old English documents(see picture below) . Additionally it is well worth checking out. [Cambridge Palaeography Tutorial]

historic examples of capital A

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