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Fountain Pens for children

Lamy ABC Fountain PenThe pen will come in a rainbow of colours, with cartridges to match, so kids can select their favourite colours, or one of each. It is ideal for kids to master tips write with water feature pencils, and they’re enjoyable enough to make writing and drawing exciting.

Also, for child that is prepared simply take composing seriously.

This will be certainly one of my favourite pens, possibly because i will be a former teacher. It’s readily available with a red or blue cap, and also includes name label. The pen has a softer grip section compared to the Lamy Safari, however it continues to have some shape to help make sure appropriate grip. It comes with an “A” nib, which will be between a fine and medium and somewhat rounder, so great for kids to create with. Afterwards, you can easily swap these out for the next nib size or a calligraphy nib too.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

Lamy cartridges for these guys will also be quite large, which means you don’t have to worry about fiddling around with cartridges as much. However, a big advantage is this a pen for a kid to “grow into” – it is possible to get a converter and show your kid to fill it with bottled ink when he or she actually is ready.

These Kaweco Sports tend to be awesome. They’re regarding smaller dimensions (transportable), therefore kid arms don’t have to wield a jumbo sword, and additionally they fit well into pencil cases or tuck into pockets. The synthetic with this is quite difficult to break, together with limit is a-twist on, so that you don’t have to worry about the cap popping off and/or barrel cracking at the bottom of a backpack.

They just take standard international cartridges, which are no problem finding everywhere, as they are obtainable in numerous colours. The pen is obtainable in a number of tints also – black, green, blue, burgundy, clear, which new-mint. You will get any nib from extra fine to dual diverse, and sometimes even italic nibs, but i would suggest a medium nib to get going.

Pilot 78GMore often than not, parents or adults whom also come in tend to be pretty confident that they wish to get a pen which takes cartridges. As an individual who runs a pen shop, i will state that a spilled container of ink isn't any fun. But every once in some time, there's a new singer, a tremendously accountable young artist, that would love a bottle of ink. The thought of a fountain pen and a bottle of ink is just too enchanting to pass up (do not everyone knows this…).

The Pilot 78G is a Japanese pen obtainable in fine or medium, and I would recommend getting a medium nib because fine is very fine. It comes down with a converter, to help you make use of bottled ink. The 78G is a bit of a cult classic pen, and we get it straight from Japan. Obtainable in black, teal, green, purple. In addition it features a little bit of a classic flair.

On a side note, used to don’t think of this when I took the image (which features a container of Rohrer & Klingner), however, if you’re getting this pen and ink for a kid, i'd probably recommend a container of J. Herbin ink to go right along with it. Not just tend to be their particular containers pretty and obtainable in pretty colours, more to the point they usually have a broad base and are hard to point over.

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