Fisher Space Pen

Cross Bullet Pen

(L-R: Cross Bailey, Papermate Flair, Pilot FriXion, Uni-ball Signo 207, Le Pen, Staedtler)

Thank you for asking. I love a wide range. Erasable pencils, water feature pens, believed pencils, and, as an artist, i've a soft place for pencils. For Bullet Journaling though, i have been through various pencils, starting with Pilot FriXion pens to drop my toes into utilizing pencils. We liked that I got the best of both worlds, the fluid expert of a pen and erasing capabilities of a pencil. It can also help it is exceptional at what it will, by that i am talking about so it erases cleanly. I liked composing the dates with either a Uniball 207, Papermate Flair, Le Pen or Staedtler pen. Today I use fountain pencils every single day in my own Bullet Journal. My current favorites will be the Mini TWSBI filled with Faber-Castell Stone gray and Cross Bailey filled with Waterman motivated Blue (which unsurprisingly was at the top 10 most coveted inks of 2015!) Lastly, the pen we just take while i am out and about could be the Parker Jotter with a gel refill, this is my absolute favorite "I just need to write anything straight down, quickly!" pen.

Your Turn!

What's your chosen composing tool for the Bullet Journal?

I'm sure that there are tons and a great deal of pencils, pencils and styluses around and I also would like to understand your favorites to use aided by the Bullet Journal. Share your favorites as a comment.

Additionally, I am not a pen specialist in the slightest, I attempted my better to hold precision but I may have missed some thing. So! Basically gave the wrong information, please go ahead and inform me, I would be thankful!

Have a sunshiney day!


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