The Difference between

Calligraphy and cursive

Perfect for beginners, this calligraphy book teaches over 100 Chinese paintings and calligraphies alongside historical and cultural information.

Chinese calligraphy is a distinctive visual art which can be valued despite having past familiarity with Chinese figures. While contemporary Chinese calligraphy comes with five designs, this guide centers around the semi-cursive script, a practical style that emphasizes the transition and structure between shots.

The Beginner's help guide to Chinese Calligraphy Semi-cursive Script teaches how exactly to compose the practical and creative semi-cursive script. On the basis of the form of Zhao Mengfu, a master of semi-cursive script, you will see the distinct options that come with the script and what exemplifies the semi-cursive design. This guide, with step-by-step pictures, reduces the issue for novices to understand Chinese calligraphy and is really essential for Chinese calligraphy amateurs.

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