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Which pen is best for fast writing?

On some exams you've got no genuine option: the soon-to-be-dismantled SAT article requires pencil, including. However if you have an option, you almost certainly want a pen that may compose smoothly and quickly with just minimal pressure. Overall, i suggest a fine-nibbed water fountain pen with a medium-dry ink (for many who learn how to keep one) otherwise a great rollerball pen. (in the event that you must stick with a ballpoint, I would recommend a uni-ball Jetstream, which can be scarcely a ballpoint after all.)

After using my first AP exams during my first two several years of senior school, we endured a dual pain together with your standard ballpoint pen, even some more costly ballpoints. After a couple of hours of almost continuous writing, my wrist and hands had been constantly aching by the end of each and every exam. Worse yet, my hand wouldn't continually be capable maintain my thoughts, that has been crucial near the end whenever time ended up being running-down. Whether on an English, history, business economics, or science exam (though we preferred a pencil in the exams that required computation), I'd have to regurgitate massive amounts of information and quite often have to compose at light speed.

Within my final couple of years of senior school, I turned to using a uni-ball Vision rollerball pen, whoever smoothness had been vastly better than compared to any ballpoint I'd used up to that particular point. The very first time, I happened to be in a position to complete writing lots of pages of examinations with very little finger or hand pain. Also, i discovered myself planning to write on doubly quickly (and just a little less legibly) with a good rollerball versus your run-of-the-mill Bic ballpoint.

As an undergrad, I gradually gravitated toward water feature pencils (perhaps not designed for exams, though) and would use them for all my essay-based examinations. I found best water fountain pens also smoother and calling for even less force as compared to uni-ball rollerballs I experienced utilized in high school. Furthermore, since water feature pens are very carefully crafted for correct balance, they have a tendency to-be simpler plus comfortable to grip into the hand for long intervals, as opposed to throwaway pens whose figures were manufactured with cost in mind.

But i'dn't suggest water feature pencils (about maybe not right away) to those without water feature pen experience as a result of the experience it can take never to just choose the best ink and nib for exam writing but in addition find a smooth pen that meets your writing choices. If you use an incredibly wet nib or ink, the ink might easily bleed throughout your exam pages, making yourself not merely a mess but in addition a destroyed exam booklet. Yourself, i am cautious enough to choose only fine nibs and dried out to medium-dry (but still fairly lubricating) inks while having never really had a challenge (while doing homework on airplanes). Periodically, I used only 1 side of the sheets in an exam booklet merely to be safe, although if you choose a dry adequate ink it must be a non-issue (which you would desire on exam papers that need writing on both sides).

Specifically, a sudden flash of understanding nearby the end of this last final I took in university left me personally scrambling to put every thing on paper. We finished only in time, however it wouldn't have-been possible without my incredibly smooth-writing fountain pen and lubricating ink.

In the end, top solution is in the future ready to the exam, prepare your responses very carefully, and pray that you have sufficient time, but if all else fails, about have an efficiently composing pen readily available. It can make a big difference.

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