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To anyone in their adolescents today, I believe my connection with college must appear as international as Hogwarts, with masters in gowns and corporal punishment galore. But a very important factor I look straight back on with appreciation is that we had to write with pen-and-ink until we were 18. We have never ever lost the love the luxurious sense of a nib in writing - plus normal with all my class mates my handwriting hasn't checked of the same quality. For whatever reason, a rollerball's results are a sad dissatisfaction. School additionally drummed into me - virtually - one of many niceties of English grammar: the essential difference between "can" and "may". When we requested a definite master "could i fill my pen?" it would result in a clip across ear and a retort, "I'm not sure if you're able to or not however may if you want to." These days, as a result of email, a hand-written note has become among life's great joys and a handsome water fountain pen an actual deluxe. Click right through the slides above for a few of the finest brands to mail a letter home about.

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