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Best eyedropper fountain pen

Converting a regular water feature pen into an eye fixed dropper pen is a popular project among water feature pen aficionados. It requires filling the water feature pen body with ink (versus a cartridge) and closing it with a decent seal. The Platinum Preppy offered at JetPens is an excellent fountain pen to convert into an eyedropper water feature pen.

What you need: a Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen available at JetPens (you can decide any shade), an O-ring gasket, silicon oil (recommended), an eyedropper, and a bottle of ink.

Right here we used a black Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen with a Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng Emperor's Purple since it currently includes an eyedropper (now stopped). The O-ring can be purchased at any hardware shop. They ought to have a 1/16" thickness, with another diameter of 3/8" and inside diameter of 1/4 inch, and generally are often called number 5 O-rings.


1. Disassemble the pen. If cartridge had been utilized, you are able to reference our last post, "Removing and keeping Ink Cartridges" for simple tips to take it off and keep it for future usage.

2. Stretch the O-ring on the threads associated with nib section. One good way to do that is anchor it with one hand while stretching it with the other. as soon as it is on, roll it down until it hits the bottom of the threads.

3. To ensure the O-ring is flush from the end, simply screw in the barrel pointing downwards to position the O-ring. Just extremely light power is necessary. Recommended: you can easily lubricate the threads with silicon oil as an extra way of measuring safety.

4. Unscrew the barrel. You're now willing to fill it up with ink! keep consitently the barrel near your ink bottle to reduce spills. Noodler's shows replenishing the barrel with ink until at least beyond the 1/3 marked to make sure appropriate environment pressure.

5. Screw your water fountain pen straight back with the nib dealing with up. The O-ring ought to be compressed about 20-25%. Use firm not excessive force, tightening the fountain pen way too much may result in a crack. Essential: ensure that the O-ring is firmly situated and properly sealing the pen or else your eye dropper pen will leak.

6. To obtain the ink flow going, GENTLY shake the pen along, periodically testing before the ink begins to move. Just how quickly this takes place is an interesting attribute associated with the ink; some inks require no shaking and some just a few minutes. Maintain the nib dealing with down to obtain a good flow.

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Congratulations! You have made your own eyedropper fountain pen. So now you are prepared to compose! Your Preppy should go a long time before having to be refilled.

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